Close to you

My first con!

This clip comes from what has to be one of the most wonderful experiences of my life so far: that week in NJ/NYC last July. I could just talk forever about it! But don't worry... I'm going straight to friday night and the song.

Earlier friday morning, when Rosemarie asked me if I was going to sing that evening at the talent show, I said of course I would. But later as I was getting my dress ready, I realised I forgot to pack the CD containing the couple of background tracks for the songs I wanted to sing! That was so disappointing, I was really looking forward to it.

I should have known I could count on Amber's excess of energy and excitement: as it happened, she had brought two or three songs for me too, just in case! I can't even remember how we picked Close to you... maybe because it was the only one from her selection I had tried before, and since I wasn't planning to waste precious time with my friends in rehearsals, I just went with what was familiar.

It's funny how so many things can flash through your mind in a very little time, and yet, you can make perfect sense of them all. That's what happened as the music started: I thought of Je, broadcasting for Lynn and I from LA the previous year and telling me they had played the video with my song... And Chan, saying they had even have a guy in the roof trying to get the internet connection to work in the conference room so I could hear... Well, I thought of how all of that had seemed so far away, so to speak, and yet here I was now. Anyway, you would have thought after so many performances I'd be calmer, less nervous, but I was a mess! It was so good to realise everyone seemed to really like it!

Well, I got to check the lists' messages next wednesday, while Amber and I stayed at Zanna's house in Baltimore (on our way to VA). I just couldn't believe it when I found JE's first uploaded con video was this one, I didn't know she'd made it! (Here's the mp3 version). I suppose it's only too appropriate that she and Amber, of all people, would help me build and keep this bit of memory this close. But again... that's another story!


  1. Vicky can you post the recording you did of "I can't cry hard enough"?

  2. Oops, I forgot! I meant to do it days ago... If not today, I'll do it tomorrow for sure, Cyndi.