Un sueño contigo

Something different again, this time from my corner of the world

Since I'm sharing a bit of everything, I decided to throw this in as well. After all, as many of you already know, this huge adventure I'm soon setting off on is greatly about cultural exchange anyway.

An old friend of the family - who is also a song-writer - was compiling a CD of guaranias (a style of music from Paraguay) he had written over the years. He said he had recently written one with me in mind to sing it, a quite flattering statement! So we recorded this song in January 2009. The title means "A dream with you".

We were also invited to a folk music tv program, for which we filmed some landscapes and old colonial houses in San Bernardino, a small town outside Asunción. Everyone says it looks very nice, and I've been meaning to call the station to ask for a copy... but I keep forgetting! Ok, I'm calling tomorrow; and hopefully some of us will be watching it together soon!


  1. Ooohhh ... please do get the video, I'd really like to see it. What a beautiful song. I wish I knew more Spanish. I wish I knew any Spanish, lol. "Dream" is one of the only words I know ... but I guess that's not a bad word to have in your vocabulary. ;-)

  2. I'm glad you liked it, Sandy! The words? Well, they're arranged a little strangely in parts, but it's a fun song to sing.
    Ah, dream is always such a hopeful word to keep handy...
    Love you!

  3. Oh, my goodness, how gorgeous! Just thanking the stars here you don't have to choose one thing and one thing only to be good at - singer, songwriter and musician, scholar, reference librarian - how much the poorer we'd all be if you had to pick just one!

    And speaking of dreams, may Vicky's new dreams unfold just as she hopes . . . new dreams, and new adventures!

  4. Whether in English or Spanish, I never tire of hearing you sing!

  5. Another beautiful song - I love to hear you sing!

  6. Oh dear Gail... I want to give you a big hug! Maybe soon... you never know. ;-)
    Holy michi, so I'm all that? It even sounds like a lot of work! But it's so much fun.
    As for the dreams, they already are unfolding that way... and much better than I ever dreamed them! And the care and support of wonderful friends like you girls make them only better. So yet again, thank you!

  7. Thank you, Cyndi!
    By the way, I meant to ask, can I put your latest video in its song's post here?
    See you soon!

  8. Thanks, Andrea! You know, I tried singing the BATB theme in German once (another fan's translation)... hardest thing ever! But I promised to try again, one of these days. It was fun! ;-)

  9. I love it! (and I'd have shared this one with my Mum...)

  10. I'm happy you liked it, Claire, and mom may be listening, you know...
    I was checking the link you sent me. My very favorite is not listed though, our best player ever. Her name is Berta Rojas, here's a sample.

  11. Oh, lovely, Vicky. I have no idea what you're saying, but I feel so much better after hearing it. Whatever its subject, it's - you've - made me smile.

    What Gail said! Look at all the hats you wear and with such style. See you soon - how cool is that?!

  12. Oh, Carole, that's so sweet of you as always! We've got some beautiful melodies over here, and you know, I've been wanting to try a little translation of one or two (if I can manage a good one, and manage to get permissions). A guarania in English... now that would be crazy! ;-)
    27 days now!

  13. Dios Santo que hermoso que cantas. No he tenido la oportunidad de conocerte. Soy fanatica de todo lo relacionado con la serie la Bella y la Bestia . Me tope con tu blog estando en busca de historias no mas que para mi sorpresa vi habias posteado canciones me aventure y escuche otras de tus interpretaciones y deseo decir quede estupefacta. Te felicito tienes una hermosa voz. Te informo tienes una fanatica nueva en el caribe.


  14. Wow...all I can say is beautiful...very beautiful...muy hermosa ! I confess I had to go the English to Spanish translation dictionary online to translate beautiful, but that is what this song coveys. Even though I didn't understand all the words, I felt transported to a dream world. Truly music is universal because emotions are universal ! Thank you for introducing Guaranias from Paraguay. I've noticed you write with such beautiful and soothing melodies and I can see where it comes from. The emotion part of your songs come from your heart so Thank you for sharing. I'm blessed to know you ! :D
    Tweetie Lynn