I'll stay

"Nor iron bars a cage" expansion

One thursday evening, after watching this episode over Skype with Carole, Sandy, Krista and Laura, I made a little comment: "I wanna see Vincent's face when she tells him she's not leaving!" And then, all of us were screaming at our TV for the missing scenes, for what was, but we didn't get to see. So we assigned ourselves some homework: we were to write some short "fill in the blanks" pieces.

A couple of weeks later, the four of them had long turned in their beautiful works, and we decided to submit them as a group project for Winterfest. But, though I had honestly tried, I had to break the news... "But... But ladies... I can't write!" They didn't take it very well: They said if I didn't do it, there would be no group project; they wouldn't submit it. Imagine that! So I asked - half-joking - if I could try my hand at a song instead, and their encouragement was so strong that five minutes later, I had half a melody and a couple of verses in my head.

For a moment I really thought I wouldn't make it. After that flash of inspiration, the muse decided to take off again. (And then real life kept preventing me from going after her.) But somewhat magically, only a few days before Winterfest, again the missing part just came to me... and totally different from what I had planned!

My biggest concern with my B&B songs is that I may not be true to Vincent and Catherine's story, to their voices, so if something doesn't sound quite right in either of them, I really hope you'll let me know. Here is the direct link to the song and words. I can only say, who would have thought homework could be so much fun? Working with such talented friends has been both an honor and a pleasure. Thank you, ladies!


  1. Well, your muse certainly did keep us all waiting ... but it was worth it. It was a fun project, wasn't it? If homework assignments had been this much fun while I was in school, maybe I would have been a better student.

    You know that I still don't believe you when you say you can't write. Your songs are proof to the contrary.


  2. You must stop with that worry that you might not be true to Vincent's and Catherine's story - you always, always are true! Always!!

    You CAN write; you DO write. And you take it a step further with your melodies and lyrics. You give your story wings.


  3. Vicky, Oh, Vicky, your song is just lovely and your voice... You MUST read ALL the poetry at WF next year and please PREPARE MORE SONGS for us. I'd no idea. I didn't hear the song at WF though I did hear you read and thought you sounded so like Catherine. I followed Carole's announcement to get here...my first time here...I will be back to explore. Thank you for such a beautiful moment in my day. Nancy

  4. It was extremely fun, Sandy! I've had a couple of ideas for other homework, and I've been giving a lot of thought to what you said (here and in your email). We'll see how things turn out, but I'm looking forward to doing this again!
    Thank you so much, my friend.

  5. Carole, you know what this means to me, don't you? That's quite a compliment! I suppose the only way to shake off that feeling would only be more "practice", right? Thanks for that kind of trust!
    You're too good to me, as always.

  6. Oh, Nancy! Speaking of compliments... You're a sweetheart! I was so afraid I had "overacted" that reading, you know. I get truly nervous each time I submit a reading: there's also the pronunciation/accent issue, which drives me nuts. But you're always so kind with your comments!
    I'm so thrilled you liked the song. I just love the whole project! Thank you so much.
    Big hugs.

  7. This song is beautiful and your voice is so beautiful, Vicky. You're very talented. You've written and sang a perfect song to show Catherine's love for Vincent. Please continue to write and sing more songs.

  8. Thank you, Sonia! At first I wasn't sure of this song, wasn't sure it would mesure to the lovely things the girls created for that project, but it's very dear to me now. I'm so glad you like it!

  9. Vicky, your voice is so pretty...do you take requests? I know a very good song mby Alison Krauss called "When You Say Nothin' at All". Maybe you can give it try?

    Stephanie R.