From France to Paraguay... something different this time

My dear friend Claire has been sharing great music with me for quite some time now (some of it very intriguing, I tell her). A few months ago, she introduced me to the charming Alan Cumming... One day she surprised me with a recording of her own version of one of his songs. And somehow the thought came automatically to both of us. "Let's do it together!"

Well, I played with that recording she sent, and made our wee acapella version of Unexpressed. And since we have a few friends in common here, I wanted to share it. Of course, the perfect excuse was the upcoming WFOL 2010, but we would have done it anyway... and I certainly hope to do it again.

I miss you, Claire!


  1. Claire and Vicky, your two voices together are lovely. This is such a touching, beautiful song. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  2. Thank you, Sandy! It was all Claire's idea though. ;-)
    PS: The rest will come... soon, I hope.

  3. Miss me? I'm right here!
    Thanks for doing me the honor of this duet ;-)

  4. Well, after you got it stuck in my head, it was the reasonable thing to do, you know... Seriously though, thanks for asking!

    I'm tempted to add that NJ pic of you and me.

  5. Ah, the two of you! What a treat - and of course I want to hear more. The separating miles diminish with this. Lovely!

  6. They do indeed, Carole. Don't you just love technology? Thanks for liking it!
    By the way, me, being me, couldn't leave it alone... I fixed something in the song, so I hope you'll re-download and replace the old one!
    Still searching for that picture...

  7. Wow...that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing ! :)
    Hugs, Tweetie Lynn