The very first I shared in the tunnels

I have already told you about my school contests days, and how I got to be more "familiar" than I sometimes felt comfortable with here in Paraguay. I started singing out there in late 1992 at fifteen, and by 1995 - the year I graduated - I had gotten plenty of invitations to sing at special events, tv, etc, and had met a lot of interesting people. To make a long story short, I kept singing here and there; it was amazing that people wouldn't forget me, since I didn't have any CD, any recorded material to show.

In 1998, one of our main newspapers released a CD with regional music on its anniversary, and I was invited to record a track. The project did pretty well, so the next year, 1999, they decided to release a second CD, - "Pintemos el mañana. Canciones infantiles" - this time containing children songs; and I was invited again. The producer and arranger that year was Lobito, a fabulous musician and dear friend of mine who sadly passed away in 2003. I remember he telling me: "You better say yes, because I'm saving my favorite from the CD for you."

So that's how we got to record this song, which is the spanish version of "Someday", from Disney's The hunchback of Notre Dame. At that time I was pretty happy with it, so different from my customary home recordings! If I sound a little tired (more like an old lady), it's because of the sleepless night before... hey, I was only 22 after all!

This was also the very first song I shared here in the tunnels. I'd had so much fun in my first Winterfest online (2006) that I was determined to contribute the next year. So when the time came and I got to send a couple of things and was asked for help with a couple of others, it meant so much to be able to draw out of my shell that, I sent the Candlemakers this song, not as a submission but as a thank you note... but it ended up making it to the celebration anyway! It has a beautiful message, so fitting for Below.

PS: I couldn't include Lobito's lastname because I just can't risk having my "secret identity" discovered via some google search, you know... Oh, and I'll try to scan that CD cover.


  1. LOL, Vicky, "old lady" is not what comes to mind when I hear you sing. Old ladies might wish they sounded like you...

    I love this one.


  2. Thanks, Sandy! Can't believe it's over ten years now. I must say I love live performances much better than a recording studio though.
    Big hugs.

  3. I'll get to hear some of that live performing soon!!

  4. Completely beautiful as always, Vicky.

  5. Thanks, sweetie! I really wish you could make it to San Diego...
    My guitar is all ready, Sandy. hee

  6. Vicky I do not know what the words are saying but I DO know that Suena is one of my very favorite songs to listen to you sing!

  7. Thank you, Cyndi! I had a lot of fun recording it, and meeting the children choir who took care of the background. Oh my, they must be all grown up now!