Love came for me

Celebrating birthdays

I share my birthday with the dear Lee Holdridge, go figure! So this is just a little thing to celebrate. Thanks heavens he'll never hear it though!

one clue thing that captured my heart about Beauty and the Beast was the fantastic music, the way it helped tell the story, set the atmosphere, heighten emotions... And mr. Holdridge was a main responsible for that. Not to mention the small fact that, it was looking for more info about the music that I found fandom in 2005, and consequently some of my dearest friends.

I still smile at the memory of how I came across my copy of the "of love and hope" CD:. One day in 1998, a friend and I were browsing CDs at a store. I love soundtracks, so when we got to that isle, she was reading me the labels... and then I picked a random CD from a shelf - something I seldom do! - and asked what it was. "It's Beauty and the Beast", she said, "But wait... this is not Disney's... it has the picture of that show, remember?" My heart skipped a beat: I didn't know there was a CD out there, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I had only heard Lisa Angelle's version played in one single radio station here back in 1989 when the show was in the air. Well, I asked the guy at the store to play it, and as he got it ready he also remarked, "But I'm afraid this is not what you're looking for. We brought this copy by mistake, but it's not Disney's Beauty and the Beast." I wanted to shout "Who wants Disney?" And then I hear the first note... and it's enough! I literally jump with a silly grin on my face, squeezing my friend's hand. And then I go to the second track and there's Vincent's original voice for the first time... It was one of those magic moments! The only OLAH copy in my country, and it ended up in my hands! Providence is when something is meant to be.

The song I'm sharing now is not OLAH-related, but another of Lee's fabulous compositions, from the 1984 movie Splash, sang by Rita Coolidge with lyrics by Will Jennings. This song captivated me when I was younger, even in a time I couldn't understand all the words since I was still learning English, or make the connection with the show. It's ovbiously lacking most of its charm though, since I don't have the beautiful orchestration and my attempts at playing it are miserable... But again, it goes with much love.

By the way, I did record it on March 3, but I went out for "birthday tea party" with my sister and cousins and forgot to post it later. Oh my, to think next March 3 will find me writing from another home, a wintery one for a change!


  1. I wasn't going to post anything, Vicky, in order to avoid looking like a cyber-stalker - seeing as you and I are barely acquainted. However - couldn't let this go without saying something. I think of all your musical contributions, I like this the most. Have loved Rita Coolidge's version of this for years (didn't realize Lee composed the music) but I am not flattering you when I tell you that your version is equally moving in its own right. (In fact, I have been listening to it over and over - boy, is it gorgeous.) I respectfully - but vehemently - disagree with your conclusion that it is "obviously lacking most of its charm." Beautiful orchestration is indeed beautiful. So is simplicity.

  2. Ahh, Vicky. You're giving us a present for your birthday ... that seems a little backwards, but I'm not going to complain! Another lovely recording. Keep them coming, please.

    I love the story of how you found the OLAH CD. It's perfect that you just happened to pick up the CD that they ordered by mistake ... and it was that cd ... that is Providence. And, I can't imagine what it must have felt like to hear Vincent's original voice for the first time [sigh]. Thank you so much for sharing this. Hugs!

  3. What! A cyber-stalker? You're crazy, dear! I'm truly happy to see you around, and what better way to get more acquainted, after all?

    Now about the song... took me a while to pick me up the floor: of all the things I've recorded, this is the one I feel more unsure of. Maybe it's because I love the song so much, and I felt I got distracted with playing and didn't do it justice. So my friend, you have no idea what your comment means.

    Thank you again! And I really hope you don't get bored and go away. :-) Big hugs.

  4. Well, Sandy, you all give me way too much, it's only fair I tried to make it up to you. I've been browsing through old journals in search of something, and it hit me how totally isolated within myself I was, especially in the year before finding my way to the tunnels.

    Anyway, thanks for liking this! You must really love me. LOL!


  5. I'll just say I know it's wonderful even though my computer is still deaf :)

    Hugs to you, and many more happy birthdays to come,

    Krista :)

  6. Thank you, Claire!

    Here's a photo of that "tea party", for Krista's deaf computer. ;-) hee

  7. I've not heard this story! And I love it ... Providence. It does exist!

    And this song - so beautiful. Thank you, Vicky.

    The tea party looks like a lot of fun - so many happy faces. Next year, imagine who'll be in your birthday photo!

  8. I didn't really look for my OLAH Cd either, it kind of found me in (front of) a little second hand shop near Washington Square in NYC (in 1994 I think). My friend went in their, she loves old books, and I stayed out there, waiting for her, brousing through the stuff outside - some books and CDs - not with very much interrest, I was tired and wanted to go home - and there I saw Vincents Picture - I didn't know anything of a cd. The case didn't look good, but the cd on the inside looked ok, so I bought it. The worst thing so was, that I couldn't listen to it, till we came back home to Austria. That was the first time I heard Vincents real voice (not the faked german one) - I melted, sigh. (sorry again for bad spelling)
    Hugs Andrea

  9. Another great story... Thanks for sharing, Andrea! It must be that special bond that touch us all in some way, straight fromVincent and Catherine.
    You're English is fine, sweetie, but what matters the most is that we can connect with each other, share these moments; so don't worry about it any more, ok?