Let it be me

A thank you note to JoAnn

I'm back! I'm back! Two and a half years is a long time, isn't it?

I had been wanting to get back to recording for a while, but one reason or another keep preventing me from doing so. Until tonight...

It's all thanks to our new friend Pat on BBTV, who brought up a favorite little song vignette by our dear and wonderful JoAnn. As it is always the case, whenever someone mentions a joAnn story, I just have to go get my fix, and tonight wasn't the exception. Well, the vignette of the same title, Let it be me, left me once again with that silly grin on my face and I couldn't get the song out of my head... So here you have it, my version of the Everly Brothers' lovely tune. Sigh, the times when songs were actually romantic!

Thank you both, Pat and JoAnn!

PS: I know I had promised something else to someone else... Now I can say I'll really get to it, girls!