Catherine is...

"Promisses of Someday" project

After a fabulous, magical week in San Diego for the anual Beauty and the Beast convention, the Everything girls were ready for a new homework. I have to say our excitement levels for this particular project were running so high, too high... Having been in the same room for days, laughing and hugging, crying and joking together, was such an overwhelming experience for all of us... in a good way, of course!

As usual, I woke up the day of the deadline deleting or altering all I had previously written. No, no, no... No good! With the preparations for the move, my room was (still is) as messy as Vincent's chamber in "The rest is silence." Two suitcases half-packed, books, papers, clothes everywhere... So I took a deep breath, made myself a cup of hot tea, and begun watching those events unfold in my head. And then, this little piece was out.

You'll find the very simple words here. It's actually just a "mini-song," a glimpse into Vincent's thoughts as he tried to answer a simple questioning statement from his wanderer brother; it had to be in terms he would understand, images that would speak to both of them...

To the girls: I know you love me... but you can't deny it has a few extremely silly bits! But like the others, it was so much fun to do!


  1. Okay, you have to delete that next to last sentence, the one about silly bits. This is lovely, moving, true, intimate ... That line about freedom - that just gives me shivers.

    Oh, Vicky. I do love you, and this is beautiful, beautifully sung. I mean it.

    ~ Carole

  2. Grrrr ... what are we going to do with you? Silly bits?? When I first read your words on the night we shared our little "Catherine is" pieces, I didn't realize there was music too. The words, all on their own, are beautiful and true. There are no "silly bits."

    You are right about the loving you part, though :-)

    Keep writing, please.


  3. How you can say you are not a writer is beyond me; your words, your music and even this post are all so eloquently written that they touch the heart of who you are and anyone fortunate wnough to read and hear them. I am truly, truly humbled to know you and call you my friend.

  4. There's nothing more I can add except to say Carole right, Sandy's right and most definitely, without a doubt Cyndi's right too. I personally feel blessed to know and love you. Keep writing and exploring your talent, sweetie. And share all of it with us. Even the "silly bits". I'm having entirely too much fun watching you grow.
    So much love.

  5. Oh Carole... But, but... I just can't remove that line, you know. You know how it is: as soon as you finish something, you get that strong urge to tweak, tweak and tweak some more... Though this coming from the author of some of my favorite quotes is really something! Thanks so much, as always.

    So glad you like the music part too! I was just listening to it in my real stereo (not the computer), and the sound of their surroundings in the background really gives the impression that he's thinking... and now I found myself wanting to read all of your pieces with that effect! ;-)

    Big hugs!

  6. Thank you, dear Sandy. I do recognise the nicer bits, but I still think a couple of those lines could have been written by my eleven-year-old nephew... But you know what? The more I listen to it, the more comfortable I am with the whole outcome. Funny how that happens!

    Your encouragement means the world, I'm serious. Thank you!

    Love you.

  7. Awww, I love you, Cyndi. You made me cry silly... twice! You're always there, and that's priceless, one of many blessings in my life.

    I guess considering myself a writer still sounds kinda big... especially next to "some awesome friends of mine!" But at least I'm learning not to see it as so scary; Vincent-steps, but steps nonetheless.

    Big hugs, my happy talking luggage!

  8. Oh thank you, Vee; so good to see you around! Yes, I promise to keep trying, I'm having too much fun with these songs. Can't believe I'm up to four! So even the silly bits, i'll share. After all, you're family, the best there is.

    I miss you, Vee! You're like a mommy, you know?
    Big hugs, always.

  9. Wow...what a lovely tune to come home to after church. I'm so happy to be exploring your music corner of the tunnels.
    I loved hearing Vincent's voice in the beginning. I wasn't expecting that and it was powerful...then followed by your sweet melody and wonderful song-writing ability. How joyful it is to put words to music on a subject that is near and dear...Catherine and Vincent ! I am blessed to be exploring your music corner and look forward to all the goodies I see listed here. I can't wait to hear your Spanish tunes...which I'm sure will be as lovely as well. Thank you for sharing !!! What joy !!
    With Love and Hugs,
    Tweetie Lynn