You are my sunshine

When I woke up this morning, Fruitcake had left me 23 (that's twenty three!) offline messages. Something very exciting had happened to her, and her enthusiasm was seriously contagious! Among those messages were the words to this little song, and after reading them, that simple melody got stuck on my head all day... Until I finally decided to grab the guitar and just sing it, to see if I could get it out!

It's just a wee thing, but the song itself carries some pretty (and fun!) memories, so I thought I'd post it. I recorded it based on a little known Carlie Simon version. I'm posting the raw draft, so you'll have an idea of how I spend my breaks at work. (There's an advantage in working from home, you know).

Agua Pura

Huh? What is this?

I was cleaning (or should I say uncluttering) my room the other day. I had to get rid of this huge lot of cassette tapes, since I already have everything on CDs now anyway. Suddenly I came across some tapes of me rehearsing: and here was this song from back in 1995!

It was my last year of high-school, and I'd been singing in school contests for three years, alone and with our choir (which I directed). As a very shy introvert, those years did a lot for my self-confidence. I even started getting noticed outside those festivals, and appeared in newspaper interviews and on tv... scary stuff! One day, this song writer (who used to be at these school contests) called me, and asked if I'd like to participate in a national festival, and said he had already written a song for me. I did... I was the youngest! hehe

This is the demo of that song, recorded in 1995 when I was 18. Seriously, my voice here makes me want to scream! And at the same time I realise how much I've learned since then; I've really come a long way. The lirics are obviously in Spanish, and it's a very simple melody, but it brings back nice memories, and I guess that's what makes it fun to share. In context, the title would translate as Clear water, or something.
Sorry for the poor and rough sound quality though: it's just a transfer from an old tape!

PS: I would post those news clippings... but they're all in spanish!