The Rose

What's that word... blue?

One night some fifteen years ago, I randomly caught the 1979 movie "The Rose" on TV. Though there's not much to say about the movie itself, Bette Midler's portrayal of the self-destructive rock star was such a rollercoaster of emotions! To this day I remember that last line "Where is everybody going?" and this song as the end credits, unexpectedly making me cry. I usually had my little tape recorder handy - grandpa used to say it was attached to me - so fortunately I reacted and put it to the TV, catching most of the song, and that was the only copy I had for years. You see, in those days - for me at least - if a song wasn't in the radio, you had trouble finding it at all! Gotta love technology...

Last week was simply awful. I was feeling blue and I had to do something about it, so I did what always helps: Just grabbed my guitar and played some music. And soon this one came to mind, since I've always associated it with that blue feeling... Half-way through, I told myself I'd rather channel it into something positive, like recording it.

Oddly enough, that feeling changed a little when I shared it with a few very dear people who once upon a time had suggested I sang it. Oh, and a version of this song was the first thing Claire ever sent me, our first email exchange... three years ago! So well, it sounds kinda more hopeful now.

If it sounds a little strange at times, it's because I had to tweak the background track: The only one I could find included the harmony, and since I wanted to sing it myself, I had to cut those parts and replace them with empty ones. Somehow all this track tweaking and harmony took me back to my childhood, to the days I needed two tape recorders to do this... That certainly brought a smile! Have I said I love technology? I wouldn't trade those days for the world though!


  1. Oh, Vicky. I have no words.

    But I must find some. :-)

    I'm not an easy crier, but you got me with this one. And the last harmonies, all three or four of you? It's a choir of angels.

    Love you.

  2. Whew! I'm so relieved to hear you like it! I didn't mean to make you cry though, sorry about that. I guess the way I was feeling just showed. :-)
    Thanks for sticking with me, dear Carole.

  3. Beautiful, Vicky. That's not really an adequate word, but I'm really at a loss for a more appropriate one. Just absolutely beautiful.


  4. Last week was indeed a terrible week, though something of beauty came out of it. I hope you are feeling better, Vicky, and I want to thank you for sharing your music in all its many colors.

    On a lighter note (apparently tonight I like to hear myself type - ha - like that is new), I am, in contrast to Carole, very easy to cry. Cry, cry, cry, man, I'm really good at it. And I must confess this is not the first time you have had me crying, Vicky.

    I hope, expect and request that you will continue to make me cry.


  5. (((Vicky.))) You know by now (I hope) how your voice embraces and moves me. I can't listen to you without tears of joy and pride streaming down my face. Joy and pride of having the privilege to know you and call you Sister.

    This time you've brought bittersweet tears. We all have a hole in our hearts and "The Rose." just seems to speak to pain and promise, loss and discovery. Thank you, Sis. Know that I love you and will follow your blog closely.

  6. Awww Sandy... you always have the words. And in any case, if they come from the heart, there are no right or wrong ones. Thank you so much!

  7. LOL! You're a sweetheart, dear Gail. It's truly a pleasure to share these with such encouraging friends! Still, I'm counting on you (and everyone) not to hesitate and tell me if there's something I should stop trying, you know.

    I think this little corner is serving its purpose, thanks to you all. Posting is not as scary as it once was.
    Smiling hugs to you.

  8. Ooooh look who's here... that's my Vee! Thanks for liking it, sweetie. I miss you sooo much, I can't wait to hug you again! Not long now...
    Big hugs, always.

  9. Vicky - what a beautiful job you have done with this song. If it had not already been a favorite, your rendition of it would certainly have ensured that it quickly become one. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  10. Thank you, Joyce! Like a few others in this blog, this song has been done so many times I wasn't sure I should post it... But what can I say? I love old classics, so to speak.
    it's good to see you here!

  11. Vicky. I really enjoyed listening to you sing this song. I saw the movie when it was new. I was like 8 at the time. At that time it wasn't a movie I really understood, but my mother had me watch it with her for some reason. I do know that even then I was touched by this song. And I love hearing it. I believe that your singing of this song was just wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Thank you, Auctavia! The same thing happened to me with the movie, you know. Good to hear you enjoyed this attempt. Welcome to this little corner!