To Vincent and Catherine

An anniversary song

After daring to go out of my shell and sharing "Love, undisguised" in Winterfest Online 2007, and with all the wonderful things that celebration brought with it that year, - mainly beautiful friendships, - I was ready to try my hand at another little project for the next WFOL in 2008. My original plan was to write something for Vincent's birthday; I already had a melody in my head and had started on some lines... But the muse suddenly decided to take a break, without a word of warning! Evil, evil muse... how dared she, with Winterfest a week away? Well; WFOL came and went, and I just stacked that file away. Maybe some other time it would find its voice.

"April 12th" was approaching. Soon we would be celebrating with Vincent and Catherine yet another anniversary of the meeting that change each other's lives (and many of ours) forever... so another feast was in order, and preparations already on their way. It was then that I was presented with a proposal I just couldn't resist: A song for that special celebration at Batbland. The theem were to be Hope. So perfect. So appropriate! So I set to work. I got that early file out and tried to fix it... but that melody no longer spoke to me, you know. Somehow, it had lost its inicial charm; its moment was gone, not to mention it had a completely different feel to the theme, the emotion I wanted to convey then. So a few days before the Anniversary, I closed the file and deleted it forever. (Mind you, traces, pieces of that melody still live in my head, but I doubt they will ever become a whole).

After deleting the file, I picked my guitar and started playing, while getting flashbacks of how they met, their conversations, the intro, what they meant to each other... and the song just came to me, I think it wrote itself... or rather, Vincent and Catherine wrote it.
It was done in a couple of days, by April 10th, just in time.

one word about the title again: The fact is, I couldn't come up with a title! I just saved the file as "To Vincent and Catherine", and told the "batbland fairy" she was free to name it whatever she wanted. Well, she either couldn't come up with one or thought this appropriate, because that's how it appeared in the page in the end. And then I didn't want to change it.

You may listen to it here; it's a better version than the original Batbland recording. The words to it can be found here, as part of the April 12th, 2008 celebration. Enjoy!

And Amber has made a video with it! Here it is. Thanks, Fruitcake!


  1. Oh,Vicky. This is so beautiful. I'm so glad you posted this. Such a delicate, tender tone you have - so respectful of their story. You do them proud. And I'm thrilled to hear this again.

    Now, I am positive you have many more in songs in a file and we're all anxious to hear them.

    The only thing that could make this song better is for me to hear it in person! 7 months and counting!

    Hugs, Carole

  2. Awww, thank you so much, dear Carole! It feels good to share, scary as it can be. I am thrilled to hear it somehow captures them! Coming from someone who can create poetry the way you do, it truly means so much.

    These are the only two I wrote; I'll see what else I have lying around. I'm starting by the ones some of you have already heard before though.

    Seven months... seem like forever! But that time will come, eventually, right? Be careul what you wish for... I sing all the time, you might end up kicking me back to paraguay! I'll need to figure that one out though: I obviously won't be able to take my guitar with me... how am I going to survive two whole years?

    Big hugs!

  3. You have such an incredibly beautiful voice, Vicky. You know, I have this on a CD that I play in my car ... but it's kind of a skimpy little CD [hint, hint]. Please record more ... or share what you might already have recorded - I just know you must have a whole stash of recordings on your computer - no fair keeping them to yourself ;-)


    ps You could have your guitar shipped over here from Paraguay ...

  4. Oh, Sandy, that is so sweet of you... Thank you, thank you! I do hope you have these new versions of the two original songs though. I know you of all people can understand my being picky, huh?

    I think I delete more than what I keep in my files... but I'll keep posting, I V/C promise! ;-) I may have a couple handy...


  5. Wow, Vicky, this is just such a beautiful song, so full of emotion that you convey so eloquently with your soothing voice. You're very talented. How long have you been singing? Did you teach yourself? I hope you do another song for Winterfest 2010.

  6. Thank you, Sonia! I've been singing for as long as I can remember, but started doing it more publically sinc ninth grade, when my class mates secretly entered my name in an inter-school contest. I would have loved to have real music studies, but there just wasn't time for that when I was younger.

    I am so happy you liked the song! I hope the muse will wake up one of these days.

    Merry Christmas! Hugs,


  7. Vicky, I've been listening to your delicate songs, delicate and yet so powerful in the poetry you've composed for the melodies. I'm awed by your talent and skill and ... the way each is a lovely and loving gift of yourself! Thank you. Nancy

  8. How did I miss this? Oh, Nancy, your words mean so much. They are such an important part of my life that, whatever I do to make it up for all I got from them, I wanna do it right. Thank you!


  9. Hey Vicky,

    the Song for Cathy and Vincent is so great. It´s wonderfull, to dreamed.

    Claudia from germany