What are you doing New year's Eve

A little 2008 holiday gift from me

This one was simply a little card from me to my BATB friends last year. I just felt like giving a very small thing back, a "thank you" note for the wonderful time many of them had shared with me through the whole year, especially those closer and dearest friends I got to finally hug at the NJ con for the first time that July.

So I sat and recorded this song in an impulse, no time for rehearsals, just some volume adjustment to the file. As a result, it's somewhat rough - not a smooth track really - and my pronunciation makes me cringe! But when a couple of very special people found it so good, I forced myself to "like it" some more. I had it up for a couple of days on BBTV and the Gutter, but took it down after that.

Hmmm... I suppose it's already time for a 2009 card, isn't it? I'll se what I come up with! I certainly have a lot to celebrate.

I had a wonderful surprise that holiday season!


  1. That was quick! See, I knew you had more recordings hidden away ;-) This is beautiful.

    I don't hear any pronunciation problems, dear, really. You should "like it" a LOT. I do.

    Keep them coming, please!


  2. Ah Ha!! I knew it. There's a drawer full of songs and stories stashed away. Bring them out - we want to hear.

    And what's this about pronunciation problems? There were none, so stop with the negative-speak. :-) I agree with Sandy, you most definitely should 'like it' - it is BEAUTIFUL, Vicky!


  3. Whatever am I going to do with you two? It's a huge step for me to have these in the open, you know, and your comments mean so much. Thank you!

    I wish I had such a stash to share. But I am hardly ever satisfied with my recordings, so I delete, delete, delete... But I did promise, so I'll get to it!

    Love you, girls.

  4. WOW! Vicky! Amazing! Gorgeous!


  5. Blush> thank you, Laura. I'm so glad you like it!


  6. I just listening to your singing and like your voice, it's very nice and has a soothing quality to it. You have talent and should definitely keep singing and post more recordings.

  7. I'm glad you like it, Sonia. I use to think my voice is a tad boring...I'mt's so good to hear you find the song soothing instead! :-D hee. Thank you so much.



  8. Boring? What on earth are you talking about?

  9. Well, Claire... Sometimes I sound like an old lady! :-)